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Help & Info about AllCast for android

  • Why doesn’t Allcast work for me?

    The fact is that Allcast just doesn't work for some people with some devices. That is why you should get the free version and/or the free trial version before you pay any money. There is an FAQ section on a Wiki page that may help, as some of your issues may be the result of a common device problem. Paying for the premium version will not suddenly make the TV casting software work.
  • Is Allcast really free?

    There is a free version, and there is a cheap premium version.
  • What does the premium version offer that the free version doesn't?

    There are no limits to video lengths if you pay for the premium version. There are no splash screens, and there are no adverts of any kind if you pay for the premium version.
  • Why is there a free-trial version if there is a free version?

    The free-trial version is more of a “Try-Before-You-Buy” offer where you may check to see if the software actually works correctly before you buy. Some people in some countries are only offered the free-trial version and not a free (ad powered) version.
  • Why is casting videos from my gallery so slow?

    Start by sending a lower quality video to see if your videos start running at their regular speed. If they do, then your problem is probably due to congestion within your Internet wireless network. Go to Allcast “Settings” and change the bitrate to lower the quality of your videos.
  • How do I stop casting?

    While you are casting, you should see a stop button appear over the file you are casting. You have to press that file button if you wish to stop casting. Sadly, there are some devices and associated programs that create a problem where you cannot see the button over the file. For example, when some devices go into screensaver mode, the button to stop the screen casting disappears.
  • How do I rotate the screen using Allcast?

    Oddly, there is no way to rotate the screen when you are casting. This means that if you took your video sideways or upside down, then it will appear sideways or upside down when you view that video on your TV.
  • Is there any way to have my videos rotated the right way?

    You cannot do it with Allcast, so you have to do it with your PC or Mac. You will have to download a video editor, such as Blender or another free video editor. You will have to use that video editor to alter your screen rotation and then create a new video file. When you load the video file into your video editor, it will start by appearing with the same rotation as what you see on the TV when you cast. Fix the rotation, publish the file (create the file), and then cast your new video file to your TV.
  • How do I know if my audio visual device will allow Allcast casting?

    The Wikis and the FAQ sections are almost always behind the times because there are new games consoles, TVs, and mobile devices coming out each year. The easiest way is often to Google your device name plus the Allcast name and see if anybody online has complained about it.
  • Why do my images load so slowly?

    Your images, even your large images, should load rather quickly. Usually, what slows things down is if your casting device or your receiving device is/are busy doing other things. Congestion on your wireless network may also be the cause.


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